Our brand makes the impossible possible by curating your dream bespoke dreadlocks. Fresh dreads from scratch or dreadlock extensions, we create transformations for unique individuals.

KNOT uses a specialised Japanese technique to curate awesome dreadlocks designed to stay in for life.

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Fresh Dreads

Are you looking to start brand new dreadlocks? Let us help guide you, KNOT can curate your dream dreadlocks from scratch…

Dreadlock Extensions

Always wished for long dreadlocks but didn’t think it was possible? Our permanent dreadlock extensions can instantly create your desired look.

Dreadlock Maintenance

Do you already have dreadlocks? Have your roots have overgrown? Or maybe your mid-lengths have become misshapen? We’re here to help!

Dreadlock Reconstruction

Dreadlocks by KNOT’s technique can restructure the most misshapen dreadlocks. There is not a bad situation with dreadlocks that we cannot rescue.

Traceability & Technique

Our dreadlock extensions are made with 100% human hair. We source our hair ethically and sustainably to ensure we give back to the communities of India.

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