Fresh Dreadlocks

Have you always wanted dreads? 

KNOT create next level, designer dreadlocks simply using your own hair. If you have 4 inches or more then you can walk away with fresh dreadlocks using only your own hair.

Using KNOT’s unique Japanese crochet needle method, we ensure a positive outcome from day one. The hair is matted into sections, then precisely inter-matted into the centre of the dreadlock.

The very fine sharp hook ensures no breakage of the hair whilst intermatting the dread. The result – You will have neat, well-structured designer dreadlocks from day one.

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Haven’t got the right hair?

If you feel your hair maybe too thin or short and you wish to have instantly long dreadlocks without waiting years, our human hair dreadlock extensions are everything you need

Finishing Touch

Dreadlocks by KNOT love to offer you the option of leaving the tips of your dreadlocks either pointed or blunted. Either way, this can really define the end result without waiting months for the blunted ends of your dreadlocks to develop.

We use an awesome process which inverts the loose ends, creating a blunted affect. KNOT to forget, they’re designed to stay in for life!