Dreadlock Maintenance

YOU’RE KNOT THE ONLY ONE who may have let your dreadlocks grow wildly out of shape.

  • Already have dreadlocks?
  • Have your roots have overgrown?
  • Or maybe your mid-lengths have become misshapen?

Dreadlocks by KNOT re-inter-matt all the new regrowth that appears between the sectioning that causes them to join together. This can be rather uncomfortable when it happens. As new hair grows, we simply re-inter-mat the same way KNOT made your dreadlocks originally. Root maintenance by KNOT, is essential to have every three months to allow the dreadlocks to grow out solidly and consistently.

The very fine sharp hook ensures no breakage of the hair whilst inter-matting the dread. The result – You will have neat, well-structured designer dreadlocks from day one.

If we didn’t dread your hair we can still provide maintenance services to keep your dreadlocks looking great.


We are here to assist you with making the right decision for your dream dreadlocks

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Left it too long?

If left for far too long, we have a unique process to recover them, so don’t worry great looking dreads are still achievable. There is no problem that cannot be solved when it comes to fixing dreadlocks.

Finishing Touch

Dreadlocks by KNOT love to offer you the option of leaving the tips of your dreadlocks either pointed or blunted. Either way, this can really define the end result without waiting months for the blunted ends of your dreadlocks to develop.

We use an awesome process which inverts the loose ends, creating a blunted affect. KNOT to forget, they’re designed to stay in for life!