Traceability & Technique

At KNOT we specialize in curating quality dreadlocks, dreadlock extensions and reconstruction, re-inter-matting and dreadlock maintenance, ensuring a permanent installation. Our dreadlock extensions are made with 100% human hair.

There are many questions as to where human hair is sourced. Here at KNOT we use hair that is sourced from India. Every year, 9 million Hindu devotees make pilgrimage to a temple where they can fulfil a pledge and vow to their deities by offering their hair. This is the human hair that KNOT uses for its dreadlock extensions. The hair is collected and treated before being used to make your beautiful tailor-made dreadlock extensions.

KNOT is currently understanding how best to source this hair to make sure it is in alignment with our high ethical standards, sourced sustainably and gives back to the communities of India.

We are here to assist you with making the right decision for your dream dreadlocks

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The KNOT Technique

KNOT uses a Japanese technique to make your dreadlock extensions.

Asian hair is considered the most difficult hair type to dread as it is prominently straight, coarse hair this means they need to inter-matt the hair in a particular way to get the same results as an afro hair type (which is considered easier). Afro Caribbean hair salons may use a twisting method or wax to simply create thin dreads.

The KNOT Method

The unique crochet needle method KNOT uses ensures a positive outcome from day one. The hair is matted into sections and then the hair is inter-matted into the centre of the dreadlock from 360 degrees.

This ensures that the hair is not broken and creates neat, well-structured dreadlocks from day one.

The dreadlocks we make are designed to stay for life, however, if you want to return to your normal hair, our dreadlocks are designed so the can be combed out, if you choose to.

The KNOT Sectioning

Importance of how Dreadlocks by KNOT section your hair. The sectioning greatly depends on the amount of dreadlocks you decide to have. It is highly important that this stage of the process is done correctly, which is why dreadlocks by KNOT uses geometric diamond sectioning.

This ensures no problems with dreadlocks joining together as they grow out. We focus on the direction you wish to have your dreadlocks lay, which is why geometric diamond sectioning works.

Finishing Touch

Dreadlocks by KNOT love to offer you the option of leaving the tips of your dreadlocks either pointed or blunted. Either way, this can really define the end result without waiting months for the blunted ends of your dreadlocks to develop.

We use an awesome process which inverts the loose ends, creating a blunted affect. KNOT to forget, designed to stay in for life.

How to care for your dreadlocks and dreadlock extensions:

Because of the way the dreadlocks are installed, and tailor made, it is recommended you visit between 3-5 months to have the roots re-intermated, (some call it re-twist, interlocking) to keep a consistent solid dreadlock as they grow out. (picture as example)

We recommend the art of washing your dreadlocks to be treated as a ritual.

TIP! Rinse well and make sure KNOT to let the hair get damp. Dry your dreadlocks until BONE DRY. This ensures clean dreadlocks.