About KNOT

From the UK to Australia to Asia and around the world, the magic behind dreadlocks by KNOT has been cultivated in a unique style of design and installation.

Hairdresser by trade, Natasha Konavoski, founder of Dreadlocks by KNOT, discovered the art form of dreadlocks in Tasmania in 2001..

KNOT your usual dreadlocks

Intricate, skilled work by hand has been in Natasha’s family for generations, she is from a long line of silk weavers dating back to the late 1800’s. This goes some way to explain her underlying curiosity behind the magic of mastering dreadlock hairdressing.

Whilst in Asia, Natasha studied a specialised Japanese technique which revolutionised her developing skill. Connecting with this method proved to be one of the most successful ways to dreadlock the most challenging hair in the world; which is deemed to be Asian hair due to its coarse nature.

KNOT just a hairstyle, a form of transformation

Taking her skill set to the UK, she continued the business as a loctitian (Hairdresser specialising in dreadlocks) in Brighton and London. Over the past 18 years Natasha has worked with every hair type and culture there is, discovering that dreadlocks can bring out the unique personality in just about everyone imaginable. Understanding that dreadlocks are simply a form of expression, Natasha has mastered the art form of assisting 1000’s of people with their transformation with this unique skill set.