Dreadlock Extensions

Have you always wished for awesome long dreaded hair? Maybe your hair is totally untameable? Do you feel your hair maybe too thin or short for dreads? Or do you simply wish to have instantly long dreadlocks without waiting years?

Dreadlock extensions will be your answer! 

Dreadlocks by KNOT specialises in working with all types of hair, including very fine or short hair, which means you can have your dream dreadlocks from day one. 

During your personalised consultation we will ask a series of questions which will help us to get laser focused on what your desired outcome is.  Where your hair is now, and where you want your dreads to be. 

When you decide to go for dreadlock extensions, we tailor make your human hair dread extensions in advance of your appointment.

We are here to assist you with making the right decision for your dream dreadlocks

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What happens on the day?

On the day of your appointment, your hair will be dreaded, and the dreadlock extensions (curated prior to your appointment) will be installed resulting in permanent dreadlocks you’ve dreamed of. Intermatting of your dreadlock extensions can take up to 12 hours depending on the amount of dreadlocks you choose.

Depending on the bookings available, the time varies between 5 – 20 days to make your booking.

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The making of…

Please do check out this video to get a better understanding of how we make and install dreadlocks by KNOT.