Frequently asked questions

Here we hope to answer some frequently asked questions we get as part of our Dreadlock Hairdressing services. If this doesn’t answer your questions please do get in touch.

Q: Do you make home visits to install dreadlocks?

A: Yes, I do make home visits.
I kindly ask for the following please:

  • No people i.e; children running around, pets under my feet.
  • No smoking
  • Good lighting
  • A chair
  • A space for me to move.

Q: Do I need to make a deposit for the human hair used to create my dreadlock extensions?

A: Yes, we kindly take a deposit to pay for the human hair bought to create your dreadlock extension and the work required prior to your visit for them to be installed. This also secures your appointment date.

Q: How long will it take to make my dreadlock extensions?

A: As soon as we receive your deposit, we go ahead, source and order your hair. Depending on availability, we can see you in 5-20 days from your deposit.

Q: How long will it take to install my dread extensions on the day of my visit?

A: Depending on the amount of dreadlocks you’ll be having installed and also, how much of your own hair will need to be dreaded before the extensions are installed, the time can take between 3-9 hours.

If you are having 40 dreadlock extensions installed (18-inch) to 2 inches of your own hair, the time will take roughly 6 hours. We work very fast and efficiently.

Q: How much hair do I need to get dreads?

A: For dreadlock extensions we can work with as little as 2 inches of your own hair, for fresh dreadlocks only using your own hair we need 4 or more inches

Q: Do you accept cash or card?

A: For all deposits, we accept transactions via bank transfer or alternatively we accept PayPal. On the day of your appointment, we accept either cash or transaction transfer.

Q: Do you use wax to create dreadlocks?

A: We do not use any chemicals or wax as this will create a residue stalling the dreadlocks for actually dreading. Wax also attracts unwanted dirt and cause your dreadlocks to become heavier.

Q: Can I dye my dreadlock extensions?

A: It is possible to dye your dreadlocks yes, however, you do so at your own risk. We advise that you keep colouring dreadlock extensions to a minimum, the extensions are dead hair, therefore wont repair in the same way as your own natural hair.

Q: Do you make discounts for certain people?

A: We believe that the work and level of service that we provide is worth the investment. These particular dreadlocks are worth saving for and investing in if you wish to have perfect styled dreadlocks from day one.

Q: How often do I have to have my dreadlocks maintained?

A: Dreadlock maintenance and root intermatting is personal and depends on your lifestyle. For example, maintenance will vary if you are a regular swimmer or need to wear a helmet daily. If you wear or tie your dreads in a repetitive way daily. All these things need to be considered as they can cause wear and tear. It is advised to visit our loctitian every 3 months to have them maintained at the roots and tend to any wear and tear.

Q: What’s the difference between virgin human hair and human hair?

A: Virgin hair is untreated hair and is very soft. This is the higher end of the types of human hair we use to dread. We offer this in your consultation. Human hair is still very good quality but is treated more and is less soft.

Q: How do you section the hair before dreading?

A: Great question! The sectioning greatly depends on the amount of dreadlocks you decide to have. It is highly important that this stage of the process is done correctly, which is why dreadlocks by KNOT uses geometric diamond sectioning. This ensures no problems with dreadlocks joining together as they grow out. We focus on the direction you wish to have your dreadlocks lay, which is why geometric diamond sectioning works.

Q: What are blunted ends or tips?

A: Dreadlocks by KNOT love to offer you the option of leaving the tips of your dreadlocks either pointed or blunted. Either way, this can really define the end result without waiting months for the blunted ends of your dreadlocks to develop.
We use an awesome process which inverts the loose ends, creating a blunted affect. KNOT to forget, designed to stay in for life.